Kristy McCarthy

Tzanka Refugio Ecologico

Tzanka Refugio Ecológico


Tzanka Refugio Ecológico - Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador, 2017


Finished mural for Tzanka Refugio Ecológico in Zamora, Ecuador, a family run private sanctuary for injured or orphaned animals to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild. The mural features some of the flora and fauna of Tzanka and Zamora: the #bluemorph #butterfly#hummingbird#Jaguar, the Amazon royal flycatcher, and featuring a very special parrot, #auroralalora, a permanent resident of Tzanka that can never be released because she has learned to talk. And she talks a lot! 
Special thanks to Mario & Alba and their amazing family for the hospitality and good company :)