Kristy McCarthy


Photo by Danielle Mastrion

Photo by Danielle Mastrion

Kristy McCarthy is a self-taught painter, teaching artist, hair braider, and cultural organizer currently based in New York City. Painting under the moniker “D.Gale”, she utilizes art as a powerful tool to build community, raise awareness about social and environmental justice issues, and question the ways in which we interact with each other and with our environments. 

Her personal painting practice draws on her interests in anthropology, herbology, and cosmology, exploring the human condition and drawing parallels between living beings. She often employs symbolism and visual metaphors to illustrate universal phenomenons such as love, fear, and grief, highlighting the threads that connect us all while questioning the systems of oppression that divide and us.

Kristy often works in group collaborations and enjoys creating art through a participatory process with host communities. She is the co-founder of HART: The Harlem Art Collective and regularly organizes and executes socially engaged public art installations in her neighborhood of East Harlem. She is passionate about youth development and has worked as lead teaching artist on various youth-led murals with Creative Artworks in New York City, as well as other community projects in Ecuador and Peru. 

Her practice also extends to cultural organizing and project coordination. She is the co-founder and co-producer of Fiesta de Colores, a community engaged public art festival in coastal Ecuador; and the co-organizer for Indómita Festival de Arte Urbano in the Amazonia of Ecuador.

In New York City, Kristy has painted murals for various public art forums, such as The Centre-Fuge Public Art Project, Welling Court Mural Project, The Audubon Mural Project, the Inspire Change Festival and the Makers Faire. She has also participated in urban art interventions in NY public schools such as EBC School for Public Service, Dos Puentes Elementary School, and August Martin High School. Internationally, she has participated in grassroots art initiatives all over Latin America, including Amazonarte in the Amazon of Peru and Casitas de Colores in La Entrada, Ecuador.