Kristy McCarthy

GuerrillaGallery gentrification

the Guerrilla Gallery: Gentrification


In response to the mayor’s rezoning plan proposal, the Harlem Art Collective dedicated the fall 2017 cycle of the Guerrilla Gallery to the topic of Gentrification.

The wall consisted of three parts: A color coded map of Harlem, showing the average income vs the average housing prices, with the wall street bull bursting through, representing the rampant capitalism that has led to the displacement of long time residents all over Harlem, NYC, and the United States.

The second section consisted of a mural, painted in collaboration with over 12 local artists, depicting a colorful and vibrant neighborhood being whitewashed by a pack of developers and real estate agents that have infiltrated the area by way of a giant Trojan horse, a symbol for the mayors rezoning plan.

The third section of the wall is a gallery of art, articles, information, and poetry. The wall is end capped by two illuminated signs made by “Illumination Against Gentrification” that say “EL BARRIO NO SE VENDE” (El Barrio is not for sale) and “ DERECHO A TECHO” (right to a roof).